Monday, 18 February 2013

Dog Exercise

Five must have Exercise for your Dog

5: Jogging/Running
Jogging or Running is the best exercise for dogs as well as for humans. This is easy, but you have to schedule your timing either in morning or evening or both. Running is good for overall body.
In running the distance should be according your dogs stamina don’t overstress, for this keep your eye on your dog during running,

4: Agility
Agility is a competitive sport where you and your dog team up to run an obstacle course dotted with hurdles, above-ground tunnels and elevated dog walks (think dog balance beams). Your dog responds to your hand commands and body movements to know what to do.

3: Group Exercise
Finding a playgroup for some unstructured exercise is great for you and your dog -- he learns to socialize with other dogs, and you get to socialize with dog owners while he exercises. Talk about multitasking!

2: Fetching 
When it comes to fetch, some dogs love it while others just don't see what all the fuss is about. Take your cue from your pet. If your little bombshell can't get enough of fetching, this is a great aerobic exercise, which doesn't require a lot of equipment -- a tennis ball or a favorite toy will do.

1: Yoga

After running, jumping and fetching you and your dog will be ready for some downtime. Dog yoga or Doga, as it's sometimes called, is a great activity to reconnect and bond while still getting a workout

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